Recycling fashion

Recycling fashion

Regrettably, starting a secondhand clothes shop it isn’t out of altruism to save the planet.…rather, it’s greed.  I just want all those gorgeous dresses, jackets and skirts that are hiding in the op shops.  But to rescue them from glum anonymity and pass them on (well, sell) then that is a good outcome all round, don’t you agree? The huge waste in our modern society is clear to see and it is gratifying that so many people are now interested in recycling fashion wear.  Having said that, I fully support new fashion too!  This website is an eclectic mix of new and old.  I think the idea is to just buy more carefully, and get things made to last, hang on to, leave to our children or pass them on.  However, there’s another way method of reducing fashion wastage. 

You might have heard of Closed Loop companies such as Thousand Fell.  They make sneakers from recycled sneaker material.  The idea is to send in your old sneakers when they are worn…NOT the kind of thing you want to purchase second hand! – and using the old materials these companies produce new ones, avoiding the landfill issue.

According to a 2019 Vogue article ( “If I had to make one prediction for 2020 and the years to follow, it would be that we’ll see more closed-loop companies like Thousand Fell and the Big Favorite (and more designers linking up with Evrnu).

A more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what exists, eliminating the problem of clothing in landfills, and reframing the way we value our garments. It seems entirely feasible to me that one day, all of my “high frequency” items—for me, that’s T-shirts, cashmere sweaters, camisoles, flat sandals, leather boots, and jeans—will exist on a closed loop. When they’re worn out, I’ll send them to be recycled or upcycled, with nothing wasted in the process. Everything else in my closet would be an item I really love, something I’ve purchased with the intention of keeping for a long time, be it a classic blazer or vivid floral skirt.” 

OK, so that article is slightly out of date but still SO relevant!  In the meantime, have a look at Wynsum Look and find something winsomely recycled, upcycled, new or handmade!

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