Let's talk about price , baby…

Let's talk about price , baby…

Let's talk about you and me

Let's talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

It’s not one of my favourite songs but the melody and words really stick in your head, don’t they?

Our new Saint Gwinear clothes are locally designed and manufactured in Melbourne. This means that they may be more expensive than some garments you can find. What’s good about that?!

Well. There are strict quality regulations that need to be complied with in Australia which means that usually the quality is very good. Of course quality manufacturing of clothing can also be found in off shore factories, and many places are now fair trade. However, by buying Australian made products we are supporting our local economy which has benefits for everyone.  It leads to job opportunities, support of related retailers and businesses and generally strengthens our community. Also, there is less of a carbon footprint.

And the bad things?

Australian labour costs are much higher than in many overseas locations, and largely, clothing manufacturing companies in Australia have closed down, making the whole process a bit more pricey.

So should you buy just because it is made in Australia?  Not necessarily!  We mostly all have a limited amount of money to spend but it is a factor that we might like to consider when we are browsing, and thinking about cost. Considering this, we think that our prices are still reasonably competitive.

Importantly too, our small runs mean that our product has a high scarcity value - there aren’t many of each garment available in the world so you really are going to have something unique and unavailable to most people. They are made to a high standard using quality fabric so the clothes will last longer, and be in your wardrobe for years.

And hopefully, people will think that our clothing is, well, worth it!

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